CLASSIC CHAMPIONS – 2014 – Tim Kaeding

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Posted on 5 Nov, 2022

WHAT’s a win without a celebration?

Californian Tim Kaeding produced the most outrageous and unforgettable victory celebration ever after triumphing in the 2014 Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic at Premier Speedway.

Kaeding did two race-pace victory laps before launching into a series of wild donuts, culminating in a spectacular flip in the main straight just past the start finish line. It brought an enormous roar from the 8500-strong crowd. He leapt from the overturned car, threw his helmet on the track and jumped on top of the crumpled wing. He then attempted to ram the chequered flag into the top of the wing- in a moon landing style, earning more cheers.

Never has a driver celebrated like Kaeding after a Classic triumph leading home local stars Max Dumesny and Jamie Veal. Kaeding became the first American winner of the Classic since Shane Stewart in 2010 and just the second in the past 10 years to win the race.

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